About - Peter Hergesheimer


My imagination was captured by photography and astronomy at age 10 when I got my first telescope and borrowed my grandfather's SLR.  Soon after, I setup a darkroom in my bedroom and was loading my own film cartridges.  My profession went in another direction with degrees in Electrical Engineering and a career in wireless technologies spanning 40 years. I am the inventor on several patents and currently the Principle Architect at a tech company.

Through much of my life, I have melded photography with many of my other interests, astronomy, SCUBA diving, backpacking and travel.  I love the beauty and imagery of the natural world and enjoy capturing it and sharing it with others.

In addition to photography, my creative outlets include performance on the saxophone, flute and clarinet.  My wife, Beth and I live in the San Diego area and are frequently traveling these days with camera and tripod in hand.   More and more, photography seems to determine the destination.

Thank you for taking an interest in my photography.

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